Doctrinal Statement of Faith


We believe the Bible in its entirety to be God’s own Word and therefore of infallible divine authority.

We believe the whole Bible to be historically accurate and doctrinally reliable throughout—the authentic revelation of God and His will for all human beings.

We believe the Bible is to be heeded as God’s instruction in all that it affirms, obeyed as God’s command in all that it requires, and embraced as God’s provision in all that it promises.

The Godhead

We believe that the Godhead exists eternally in three Persons—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—and that these three are one God possessed of the same nature, attributes, and perfections, and worthy of the same homage, confidence, and obedience.

The Father

We believe in God the Father as a personal, self-existent, omnipotent being; the Creator of the universe and the Fountain of all life and goodness. Though dwelling in light unapproachable, He clearly reveals His character of truth, righteousness, love, and beauty to us through the created universe, through the coming of Jesus and through His written Word. To Him we all must give an account and ultimately must choose either to live with Him forever or to be banished eternally from His presence.

The Son, Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God. His becoming incarnate means that He was supernaturally conceived in the womb of the virgin Mary and that He grew up as fully man, at the same time retaining His full deity. Though subject to all the temptations of humanity, He overcame them without once sinning.

We believe that because of His love for us and His subjection to His Father’s will, He became the sacrificial Lamb that takes away the sin of the world. His death on the cross was substitutionary, that is, He took the judgment of God for our sins on Himself, and God accepted His death as the atonement for all who believe. At the same time it effected the downfall of Satan and all his works.

We believe that Christ’s bodily resurrection shows clearly that His sacrifice was for us and that God accepted it as such. Jesus’ resurrection is seen also as the foretaste of God’s great plan in bringing about the resurrection of the dead—the righteous in Christ to eternal life with Him and the wicked to everlasting punishment.

We believe the Bible report of Jesus’ ascension to His Father forty days after His resurrection, following that period during which He appeared to many persons in visible form. Now seated at the right hand of the Father, He is interceding for us as the one Mediator and preparing the heavenly abode for the redeemed.

We believe that as He came to earth once as our Saviour, so He will come again as King, to subjugate all evil forces and to rule over the earth for a thousand years. We also understand that prior to His millennial reign He will come to catch away those overcomers making up His Bride. Both those overcomers who are presently alive on the earth and those who have died will be included in the translation.

The Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit, who convicts men of sin and righteousness and judgment, shows the individual his need of salvation and “makes the things of Christ real.” Ever since His coming on the day of Pentecost, He has promised to take up His abode in the regenerated heart of anyone who asks. In response we are to respect, honor and obey Him as the Guide and Director of our individual walk with God, as well as of the affairs of the Church. The fruit of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control—is to be evidenced in Christian living, and His gifts—faith, prophecy, wisdom, and so forth—though dispensed as He chooses, are to be sought as the equipment for spiritual service within the structure of the Church.


We believe that man was created in the image and after the likeness of God, and that he fell through the sin of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. The resulting spiritual deadness and depravity was inherited by the entire human race. Thus everyone needs salvation. Doing our best to live a “good life” apart from Christ will not make us acceptable to God.

We believe that Jesus’ sacrifice atoned for the sins of all as they believe on Him. We are saved from God’s wrath and the punishment due us for our sins solely through His grace expressed in Jesus. When saved we are not only forgiven for wrongdoing but also delivered from the power of sin so as to be able to live victorious lives in Him. Having thus taken on divine nature as sons of God, henceforth we can expect to exhibit “good works” as proof of our salvation.


We believe in baptism by immersion, understanding it to be God’s means of washing away past sins. As the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ are re-enacted, the believer enters into newness of life. We regard a scriptural baptism as necessary preparation for fellowship in the body of believers at the Lord’s table.

The Devil

We believe that the devil, variously spoken of as “the prince of this world,” our “adversary,” the “deceiver,” and “Satan,” is the enemy of God and of God’s people. Being irredeemably evil, he is to be resisted by believers, his attacks guarded against, and his subtle temptations refused. Associated with him are hosts of evil spirits which actually enter human bodies and cause mental derangement, sickness, and rebelliousness. We believe that God allows these evil forces for His own purposes, one of which is to develop in us spiritual discernment and the capacity for spiritual warfare. At God’s appointed time, however, their evil influence will be removed from the human race for they are not omnipotent as God is. Every human being has the freedom of choice either to submit to or resist these evil powers, and every believer is given authority to combat them successfully.

The Eternal State

We believe that at death the spirits of those who have trusted in Jesus for salvation pass immediately into His presence, where they remain in a state of joyful consciousness until the resurrection of the glorified body. When Christ comes for His own the spirit and body of the believer will be reunited, and thenceforth will be with Him forever in glory. The spirits of the unbelieving, however, after death remain conscious of condemnation and in misery until the final judgment at the Great White Throne at the close of the Millennium. At this time the reunited soul and body of everyone judged to be deserving of everlasting punishment shall be cast into the lake of fire, not to be annihilated but to suffer the everlasting torment and banishment from God’s presence.

Church Ordinances

As a consequence of these beliefs and others like them derived from Scripture, we list the following ordinances which govern the Christian practice of all our church members.


A profession of salvation through believing on Christ forms the basis of Christian fellowship. True faith in Jesus includes genuine repentance and acceptance of His Lordship.


As the public confession of belief in Christ, baptism by immersion is a prerequisite for participation with the body of Christ in communion at the Lord’s Supper.

Receiving of The Holy Spirit

For everyone who has been redeemed it is a normal step of faith to specifically invite the Holy Spirit into his heart, God’s temple, and to believe that He does come to take up His abode within.

The Lord's Supper

At the institution of the first Lord’s Supper, Jesus exhorted His disciples, “This do in remembrance of Me.” Our regular participation, in a worthy manner (committed Christian believers who have been baptized according to scripture, are accountable to the church, and who are “walking in the light” of scripture), of His Body and Blood is the proper response to this direction as well as the source of our spiritual strength and victory.

Tithe Paying

While as believers we acknowledge that all we have belongs to God, the scriptural practice of tithe paying separates one tenth of our increase for God’s disposition rather than our own. As we render to Him what is His, we receive His promised blessing on our affairs.

Divine Healing

The prayers of believers, the laying on of hands, and anointing with oil by the elders are God’s prescription for physical victory over disease. Our hearty endorsement and use of these means demonstrates our reality with the Supreme God and our obedience to His direction.

Church Attendance

Our regular attendance at divine service provides mutual strengthening of our faith and keeps us attuned to the things of God.


The spreading of the gospel under the direction of the Holy Spirit is our response to Jesus’ command, “Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations.” Regardless of our individual callings, we see the whole world as our parish and respond accordingly.